The company was founded in 1990, accumulated decades of tea selection experience, franchise retail and wholesale, business in Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States around, and in 2010 opened a branch in Canada.

With the "quality, word of mouth," the purpose of strict selection of tea to high-quality tea supply in all sectors of the people.

There are Chinese tea: green tea, white tea, yellow tea, green tea, black tea, black tea, tea and organic tea, accompanied by Japanese green tea, British tea (Ceylon black tea) and its own Pu'er brand "Odd garden tea cake". In addition to retaining the traditional packaging (tin cans, tin foil packaging), in recent years has introduced a series of new packaging to meet the needs of the market, including bags, gift boxes, triangular gift sets and teabag, etc., the introduction of Japanese-made triangular nylon tea Package, so that the flavor is more fragrant and rich, suitable for the use of the catering group suppliers.