Carefully selected high mountain tea Jin Xuan

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Name: Royal selection of high mountain Jin Xuan tea
Contents: hand mining Alishan mountain gold Xuan tea
Origin: Chiayi County, 1000 ~ 1500 meters above sea level Alishan tea area
Net weight: 100g
Tea varieties: Jinxuan Oolong
Aroma Taste: Sweet Milk
Baking degree: none
Fermentation: light fermentation 15 ~ 20%

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Thousands of beautiful products won the 2014 Golden Code Design Award
design concept:
Product with Jin Xuan, taste buds naturally produce sweet-scented osmanthus blossoming bloom,
A touch of milk, but also wonderful in the Jin Xuan thick fresh leaves in the leaves.
The use of sweet – scented osmanthus petals for the totem image.

Jin Xuan Oolong tea unique sweet-scented osmanthus, milk aroma, the most women and young people love Taiwan’s favorite mountain tea.

Jin Xuan tea for the tea tree species name, the main origin in Nantou and Chiayi, Taiwan tea improvement field after 40 years of cultivation, the 1980s successfully cultivated the twelfth of the new varieties, named Taiwan tea No. 12, which is Jin Xuan tea scientific name of the origin, and later named “Jin Xuan”, then, to Taiwan tea on the 12th tea production of some of the fermented tea is called Jin Xuan tea, commonly known as 27 Aberdeen. Jin Xuan tea is also a wide range of applications, including the package of tea, oolong tea, oriental beauty, honey can be produced black tea, unique flower flavor is its greatest feature. Jin Xuan Oolong tea produced in Jinxuan tea is a very popular new tea product in recent years.

Yushan Square of the mountains Jin Xuan tea produced in Taiwan Chiayi County Alishan tea area, elevation of 1000 ~ 1500 meters above the mountains of tea, because the mountain climate is cold, weekdays sunshine is short, the output of the Jin Xuan tea leaves hypertrophy, fresh, tea color Green and shiny, after the brewing tea was golden yellow, elegant and elegant aroma, unique flowers and Jin Xuan unique milk fragrance intertwined with the taste of pure and smooth glycol, unique flavor, intriguing. Jin Xuan Oolong tea the most quality characteristics that are a hint of natural “milk fragrance”, this kind of natural milk rarely tea can be done, only Jinxuan tea has this feature.

Through the international SGS pesticide residues 368 tests
Tea factory through the ISO22000 international food safety certification

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