Hand picking jade mountain tea from Jiayi Mei Shan

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Product Name: Hand mining mountain jade tea, from Chiayi Meishan
Tea varieties: jade tea
Harvesting method: artificial harvest
Season: Spring tea
Origin: Meiyi Township, Chiayi County
Baking: light baking fire
Harvest time: April 2017
Note: tea cans vary by season.

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Cuiyu tea is the aroma of foot, good quality, high yield of tea, are generally planted in the low elevation, mountain is relatively rare. However, some people will be green tea at an altitude of 1200 meters on the mountain, the species out of the mountain jade tea is not only obvious aroma, but also with the local special mountain gas, drink comfortable and pleasant.

Alpine are generally planted green heart oolong more Tsuiyu tea less, but there are tea farmers prefer the taste of jade tea, it will be planted in the mountains, did not expect to produce the quality of alpine jade first-class, both varieties of incense and alpine rhyme The This is what we launched this year, “Alishan mountain camellia tea.”

This year the harvest period of the weather is clear, Tsui Yu tea aroma to play well, and the mountains are also very good charm, recommended to like tea tea friends.

Based on the principle of good faith, to tell you: hand mining jade tea non-self-production, is to buy other tea friends, if you mind please pick other tea. If necessary, you can call directly to order, or use the shopping cart system orders. Can be allocated to the House, cash on delivery. There are still free shipping over 1,500, 7 days unconditional return guarantee.

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