National treasure buckwheat tea


From Taiwan Changhua Erlinzhen specialty buckwheat, after 300 degrees of special high temperature drying baking, so that buckwheat exudes thick Guxiang,

And with its South African national treasure tea, is the gift of heaven to South Africa this land, the local people as a healthy drink,

And because it does not contain oxalic acid, no caffeine men and women can drink, into a special buckwheat grain flavor of amber tea.

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From Taiwan Changhua Erlin town specialty buckwheat farmers in the fallow,

The cultivation of the land is grown by the taste of the buckwheat slightly sweet and rich, rich in soluble dietary fiber

Buckwheat is not a cereal, Polygonaceae.

Flat food used to ground into powder buckwheat, in fact, the shape of the triangle seeds. Buckwheat contains a lot of water-soluble dietary fiber, into the intestine can not be digested, can absorb a lot of water, increase intestinal peristalsis, and can metabolize the intestinal material is not good, is also commonly known as net intestinal grass

Buckwheat at the same time also has a vitamin B group, which B1, B2, is to promote the metabolism of important vitamins.

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