[Original leaf tea bag] frozen oolong tea

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Frozen Oolong is one of the top ten tea in Taiwan, the production process is complicated, the adoption of tea must be precious longan wood baking, follow the ancient law production, rich aroma, full of rich taste, back to the fine and meticulous. Yushanfang will be such a good tea into the inspection of the triangular three-dimensional package, so that tea can naturally stretch, anytime, anywhere to soak a cup of tea.

Name: Yushanfang frozen top oolong hand recipe leaves tea bag
Contents: hand with frozen top oolong tea leaves
Origin: Nantou County frozen top tea area
Net Weight: 60g (3g x 20 in)
Tea varieties: green heart oolong
Aroma Taste: Elegant Floral Sweet Alcohol
Baking degree: light baking (3 points)
Fermentation: light fermentation 15 ~ 20%
Features: cold bubble heat off Safe

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“North package species, south frozen top”. Frozen oolong tea known as the holy of Taiwan’s tea, and listed as one of Taiwan’s top ten tea.

The earliest is the frozen mountain area along the tea farmers, to urn tea sales, and “frozen urn loaded oolong tea,” said. Frozen oolong tea is currently the most famous in Taiwan, but also the most favored by the consumer market, tea, frozen oolong tea is part of a fermented tea, in fact, should be “hemisphere type of tea”, but long to assertive As a result, we generally mistakenly think that the top of the oolong tea as “oolong tea”. “Frozen top” for the names, refers to Taiwan Nantou County deer Valley Township, “Kirin Tan” side of the “frozen mountain”, is said to be because the ancestors early to wear shoes, winter must “frozen toe on the top of the mountain” and named. Frozen tea by the green oolong or soft sticks Oolong tea planted, it is also known as frozen top oolong. Frozen oolong is between green tea (no fermentation) and black tea (fermented) between the green tea semi-fermented tea, and because the production process through the cloth ball rub (also known as kneading), forming a hemisphere, also known as hemisphere Type of tea.
Frozen top mountain elevation of 400 to 800 meters, hilly terrain, the annual average temperature of 25 degrees. So the climate is cool, abundant rainfall, fertile soil and sunshine moderate, day and night often clouds enveloped, become the best production of excellent tea environment. The soil here is rich in moisture and calcareous wood to make its production of superior tea.

Frozen oolong tea with spring production of different spring, summer, autumn, winter tea four, and spring and winter the best quality. In the manufacturing process, depending on the degree of fire, there are clear, cooked tea, respectively, different flavors, “glutinous rice incense with flowers” argument. According to the degree of fermentation (the degree of green), there are mildly fermented tea (about 20%) of green tea, with fragrant, moderate fermented tea (about 40%) of tea and more fermented tea (about 70%) like black tea , With sweet points.

Yushanfang frozen top oolong is produced in Taiwan Nantou County deer Valley Township frozen top tea area, 600 to 800 meters above sea level. Frozen mountain camellia soil fertile, good drainage, climate suitable, tea tree growth conditions are good. Frozen oolong tea production process is complicated, the adoption of tea gourd to precious longan wood carbon baking, follow the ancient law production, very time-consuming God, the tea produced by the appearance of tight into a hemisphere, color dark green, rich aroma, full of rich taste, Tea was amber, back to the sweet, sweet taste, after drinking mouth fragrance, is the aroma and taste of Taiwan’s tea, people obsessed.

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